Are These Groups For Me?

  • Do you have hard time making and keeping friends?
  • Would you benefit from help with social situations?
  • Do you need help expressing or controlling your emotions?
  • Could you benefit from some positive strategies to help you deal with frustration, anger, and anxiety or worry?
  • Are you shy or have difficulty starting or joining a conversation?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable talking on the phone?
  • Are you someone that has a hard time fitting in with people that are your age?
  • Do you find dating and relationship issues confusing?
  • Have you been the victim of bullying or teasing?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ADD/ADHD?
  • Does this sound like you?

Think about how improving your social skills could change the quality of your life! 

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