Social Skills

New Social Skills Groups Forming NOW!

We are currently enrolling Social Skills Group Members for two 8 week small group sessions to be held on Tuesday evenings at the Central Bucks YMCA. Space is limited. Enroll today!

October 13 – December 1
5:30 – 6:30 High School Transition Students
7:00 – 8:00 Adults with Social Challenges

Cost for the 8 week session is $350


MSM Social Coaching offers an 8 week Social Skills small group experience inspired by the illustrious Jed Baker and his Preparing for Life book. The challenge with many Social Skills programs is the ability of participants to transfer skills learned and practiced in the group to the real world.  To increase this generalization, we employ video modeling skills, positive feedback, and home practice.  We offer groups to transition age students.  Separate groups will be offered to adults.

We form groups as we locate interested individuals in a common geographic area in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  Each participant is interviewed to insure the best possible group fit. In grouping members together to build friendships and teach skills, we have found it is best to keep age, the level of ability, and language skills consistent among participants.

Each participant will have an opportunity at each group to discuss issues or confusing situations that occurred during the past week and receive assistance with processing that situation if desired. They will have an opportunity to practice each skill introduced during the session.

We occasionally invite peer mentors to join the group, those who have gone through similar circumstances and experienced success and can provide a unique perspective.